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We live in a world where health is becoming more and more important as we seek to take care of our bodies.

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Our family has been on quest for better health and living since 2001. Over the years we have been adopting into our lifestyle healthy products that have not only a health benefit, but a message of hope behind them.

In Israel there are many different groups of people. We see the beauty in how God created us all in His Image and He sees us as very good.

Our whole family uses the Gamila soaps. These soaps not only are good for our skin and overall health they also support an amazing cause of empowering women in the Middle East.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East where this can happen. Gamila’s vision for helping women is from the heart and TBG identifies with this heart to help women become all the God has created them to be. So often women have been overlooked throughout history all over the world.


Now we have an opportunity to bless not only Israel, but also the women who live in Israel and represent families here.


As the owner and Director of Touched by Grace and Grace Educational Tours in Israel, one of our goals is to connect people to the Israel Experience where the land and people come together with the world around them. As a Father of three young women, our family is already sowing seeds inside our little girls who one day will become women. Gamila’s secret is one of those inspiration moments that we believe our girls can learn from as the develop into the image of God that He created them to be.


"Humility is not what you do, but the virtue of how you communicate His presence through your life. Meekness is not what you say, but your restraint in pondering things, till He prompts you. Worship is not a place, but a position of your heart in an attitude of vertical alignment with your creator." - Todd Horton


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Dr. Todd Allen Horton

Touched by Grace and Grace Education Tours in Israel - Owner/CEO


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Each product that you are buying is a donation from you individually or your church, to our association, which benefits our new project.
This project is designed to help undergird the work place for Druze, Jews, Arab, and Christian women.


All donations made to Touched by Grace are eligible for tax deduction. Touched by Grace is registered with the IRS (USA) and the state of Tennessee as a 501(c)3 organization.


**Stewardship Statement: Touched by Grace is committed to maintaining efficient and wise stewardship of all donated money. We ensure that funds are allocated in accordance with Touched by Grace’s charter and comply with all U.S. laws and policies.